Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Am Ready For Batman And The Outsiders

Outsiders (Volume 3) #49
Written by Judd Winick and Greg Rucka
Art by Matthew Clark and Ron Randall

This is the final part of the Checkmate/Outsiders crossover that began here and continued here, here, here, and here. This was an action-packed finale to what was a suprisingly well done crossover. Outsiders is a hit or miss for me but this was a hit. I even like the idea that this series is ending and relaunching as Batman and the Outsiders. I love the original Batman and the Outsiders series so I can't wait. Yes, I miss Halo (Too bad she won't be back). There were a lot of great one-liners in this issue including Grace telling the Checkmate Agent about Batman warming up to people and the conversation at the end between Batman and Nightwing. I think it is totally in character for Dick to want to leave now and I liked how he says he actually doesn't like being in the Outsiders anymore. Dick liked the Titans and the Outsider are not the titans. I look forward to the next issue, which is the final one before the relaunch.

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