Saturday, May 26, 2007


Shadowpact #13
Written by Bill Willingham
Art and cover by Scott Hampton

In typical Willingham style, this issue is a side story focusing on the adversaries of Shadowpact. We see Doctor Gotham murder Strega in order to bring the Sun King to our world, Kid Karnevil kill a dozen trademen, and Zauriel being ordered by the higher angels to murder Blue Devil. When it comes down to it, this issue had a lot of murder. It's strange to see Zauriel accept his order, but I suppose if it truly comes from God he has to although I have a feeling he will rebel and hopefully join Shadowpact. He would make a great addition to the team. I like Coast City being shown, especially considering it hasn't been seen in Green Lantern for a while now. Did Hal bring that city back only to abandon it? I guess Zauriel has been Coast City's protector as of late.

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