Saturday, December 09, 2006

Decent Filler

Batman #659
Written by John Ostrander
Art by Tom Mandrake

This is the beginning of a little filler arc on this series while Grant Morrison takes a break. It is a decent issue that incorporates what seems like an interesting mystery but so far really nothing to write home about. In other words, it is clearly just filler. The idea of Batman fighting with a someone who kills bad guys is not a new one, not a new one at all. Neither is the idea of someone who uses fire as weapon. Both of these characteristics fit the new villain/vigilante Grotesk. Ostrander is a good writer though so I trust that he will turn this storyline into a little less cliche. The Leslie Thompkins clinic makes an appearence in this issue and it just reminds me of the horrific "War Crimes" storyline for a few years ago where the character of Leslie Thompkins was basically destroyed, in a way similar to the way DC destroyed Cassandra Cain. But even with all my complaints, this was a decent issue that won't bore or dissapoint anyone.

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