Monday, June 05, 2006

Wait For The Trade

Hawkgirl #52
Written by Walter Simonson
Art and Cover by Howard Chaykin

This book has gotten some pretty negative reviews from people all over the net. I would not say this is a bad series at all but the art really does bug me. Chaykin redesigned Hawkgirl's mask into something that can only be described as hideous and he draws everything as strangely plump and curvy. It is very distracting and I wish that DC would put a new artist on this title. If they did, maybe people would be giving this title better reviews. The story is not that bad, confusing, but not bad. I suppose when the mystery wraps up and we finally get our answers the story will be looked at more fondly. At this point though, I am very confused. There are so many subplots and events going on I just can't put it all together. Oh and does Kendra know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? I could not tell from this issue. I know Bruce knows that she is Hawkgirl but does she know who he is? I would reccomend waiting for the trade because reading this issue by itself will probably just confuse you and lead you to drop the series. Meanwhile, of course, I will still be picking this series up to review it.

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