Friday, June 09, 2006

She's Back!

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #1
Written by Allan Heinberg
Art and cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson
Variant cover by Adam Kubert

It is one year later and Wonder Woman has been relaunched. This time around Diana has passed on the mantle of Wonder Woman to Donna Troy. This is going to cause a great amount of debate among Wonder Woman fans but for me, I could care less. If Diana returns at the end of this story as Wonder Woman, that would be great! If Donna stays as Wonder Woman, that would be great too! It does not matter to me. Anyways, I expected more out of this issue. Sure it was fun and all but I think I was expecting it to be as good as Greg Rucka's run on the last volume of this series and so far it just doesn't measure up. But as viewed on its own, people will definitely get a kick out of it. It is pure superhero action with a hostage story and team up of villains. Speaking of villains, this furthers my theory that DC is using one year later to revitalize characters' rogues galleries in the same way Geoff John revitalized them on his run on the Flash. This issue focuses on Doctor Psycho, Cheetah, and Giganta as the villains and if I am correct we will be seeing more Wonder Woman villains in the next few issues. The introduction of a younger Steve Trevor and Diana Prince as Diana's secret identity does not surprise me and I am not as pissed about it as some people seem to be. I think Diana gaining a secret identity was totally in character at this point, especially after Infinite Crisis. I also loved Donna Troy's new back story, which is a lot simpler and easier to explain now. We still do not know if Donna is the real sister of Diana, or if she is the adopted sister saved from the burning building pre-crisis Donna. I hope it is the later so it does not negate the classic "Who is Donna Troy" story from the Marv Wolfman Teen Titans days. While this debut issue didn't quite leave me as excited as I hoped, it was still an issue that I would reccomend to anyone who likes Wonder Woman.

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