Saturday, June 03, 2006

Losses of Loved Ones

Superman/Batman #26
Written by Sam Loeb with Jeph Loeb, Allan Heinberg, Joss Whedon, Joe Kelly, Brad Meltzer, Mark Verheiden, Brian K. Vaughan, Geoff Johns, Joe Casey and Paul Levitz
Art by John Cassaday, Joe Madureira, Jeff Matsuda, Ian Churchill, Ed McGuinness, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Tim Sale, Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Mike Kunkel, Duncan Rouleau, Carlos Pacheco, Michael Turner and Pat Lee
Cover by Michael Turner

This issue made me cry. For two things, Superboy and Sam Loeb. Sam could have really went somewhere in Comic Book writing but he was taken too soon. This issue stands as a tribute to him. Ironically, the issue also deals with the (fictional so not quite as sad) loss of Connor Kent aka Superboy. It is the melding of these two losses that makes this issue about grief and death but also friendship. Robin and Superboy were best of friends and in order to deal with Superboy's death Robin speaks of the happy times with his friend. This is something we should all do, it really does help. Having lost people myself, I know there is nothing like reminiscing about the wonderful times you had with that person that helps the pain so much. I almost feel guilty about critiquing this book but the art did have its flaws. The change in art changed so rapidly that it caught me off guard. But in the end it is a minor flaw that will obviously occur if you have fifteen artists. The biggest tear jerker was the back up story in which the Kents speak of Clark's friendship with a young boy named Sam. (Clearly based off of Sam Loeb). The main story was also pretty good and showed that Sam was a talented writer. I liked the part where Superboy jumped into the hot tub with the other half naked Titan Robots and he was telling Robin to lighten up a bit. It really epitomized Robin and Superboy's friendship. Loeb and DC did a wonderful job of commemorating both Sam Loeb and Connor Kent in this issue.

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