Monday, May 15, 2006

Cool Moments

Detective Comics #819
Written by James Robinson
Art by Leonard Kirk and Andy Clarke
Cover by Simone Bianchi

This issue was just a bunch of cool moments, not much happens to further the plot. But still a good issue. Batman and Robin's fight with Killer Croc was cool, Two-Face speaking to Harvey Dent in his head was cool, and the Jason Bard scene was cool. I think they should really have more Harvey talking to his evil side scenes in comics. It really shows just how insane Harvey is and there is something creepy about it. It is like a non-funny version of when Gollum speaks to himself in Lord of the Rings. I am sad to see that Orca is officially found dead this issue. I loved that big whale of a woman. The scene between Jason Bard and her husband was strange, but funny at the same time. It was kind of sad to see him die though. The Tally Man is a character I am not familiar with so I was not shocked or anything by his sudden appearence. I guess I should do some research.

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