Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Glad To Finally Enjoy This

Nightwing #120
Written by Bruce Jones
Art by Joe Dodd and Bit
Cover by Jock

This issue is the best so far that Nightwing has to offer OYL. This is a dark book that can be pretty creepy and violent at times but I think that is okay for Nightwing. If it was a Flash book, I would say that it was too dark, but this is fine for Nightwing. The monster man guy thing is just very bizarre though. A little too weird for my tastes but it really doesn't matter. I liked the mention of the Outsiders being dead, that relieves any doubt that the general public believes that the Outsiders are not alive. I wonder how the pulled of there fake deaths. I enjoyed the moment between Dick and Clance where she is taking about Jason's mental issues and how he was supposed to have died twice. This pretty much confirms that Jason was thought to have died in Batman #650. I do hope they get to explaining what happened after that issue anhd not have it as a dangling plot thread. I am even starting to like the character of Cheyenne and was surprsied that she is a metahuman. I do hope that Dick cuts his hair soon though, I am not liking the hair.

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