Friday, April 28, 2006

Kings, Queens, Bishops, and Knights

Checkmate (Volume 2) #1
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Jesus Saiz
Cover by Lee Bermejo

I just have to say that that is a kick ass cover. Wow! Good Job on Lee Bermejo's part. I really enjoyed this debut issue. I find it exciting and plus you know a comics good when you want to have the next issue. I found myself pissed at the UN for ordering the dissolution of Checkmate and can not wait to see what happens next. There are a lot of tidbits of stuff that happened to Checkmate in the last year that I can't wait to see (assuming they will be shown in 52). Some people, specifically this one guy on the Newsarama message boards, are complaining that Fire kills people in this issue. Here's what I say to that, who the fuck cares!!! She is not Batman for gods sake, it is perfectly fine for her to kill. She didn't kill when she was in the Justice League because that was frowned upon but she is not in a Superhero team anymore she is a member of Covert Government Agency that kills in order to get things done. End of Rant. Anyway, I can not explain in words how much I liked this I did. I mean any book that puts Fire, Amanda Waller, Alan Scott, and Sasha Bordeux into one book has got to be good and it is.

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