Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hawkgirl is Putting on the Pounds

Hawkgirl #51
Written by Walter Simonson
Art and cover by Howard Chaykin

The previous issue of this series was reviewed here. I enjoyed this issue but I am still wondering if I like the art. I mean I like how Chaykin creates the mood and theme of St. Roch but I still do not like the way Hawkgirl looks. She seems almost overweight and I do not like her mask. Maybe I am being nitpicky but that is how I feel. I like that Simonson is keeping Lt. Grub and not throwing away the Hawk's supporting cast that has been built in this title unlike what so many writers like to do when they come on a book. The fact that Hawkgirl was dreaming the end of the previous issue shocked me and I wonder if it was truly a dream or is someone playing with her mind? I do not care much for the archaeologist character. He just does not interest me. But this new villain is intruiging and I am interestred in watching Hawkgirl unravel this mystery.

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