Friday, October 03, 2008

Introducing Linda Lang

Supergirl (Volume 5) #34
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

Well this was a great start to Steling Gate's run on this series. Don't get me wrong, Kelly Puckett's run on this series was good, heck I even liked Joe Kelly's run...but they never really got around to giving Supergirl a life outside the "S".... and Gates does it in one issue. The idea of Supergirl working as Linda Lang at the Daily Planet, "niece" of Lana, is great and works to make her more involved in the Superman stories. Lana's hair is miscolored blonde in this for some reason and that was annoying but that's beside the point. Now, the next thing Gates needs to do is have Igle design a new costume for her. Look at thing, it's been what four years and she is still wearing that trashy costume. Speaking of Igle, the art here is very good and I am glad he is on this title. I can't say that I am really looking forward to the whole "New Krypton" storyline coming up....honestly Kryptonians don't excite me sorry but since Geoff Johns is spearheading it I think it might turn out well.

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Anonymous said...

I wish SUPERGIRL can get resumed as Linda Lee Danvers back in order.. Because the Incarnation has been mixed up and now I see her being a family to Lana Lang.

As when Pete Ross marries Lana Lang they shall become Supergirl's adopted parents and she shall be "Linda Lang Ross", How does that sound ?