Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tough Cat

JSA Classified #26
Written by Frank Tieri
Art and cover by Matt Haley

Frank Tieri is a writer I am not familiar with but suddenly I wish he would write more DC books. He really gets Wildcat. Wildcat is that tough guy with a heart of gold. I love how he is portrayed perfectly in this issue. The concept of Gambling on Superhero fights is interesting, I just wonder how some of these fights are being taped? At first, I thought this would be another superheros are kidnapped and forced to fight eachother thing again, the most over-used plot in the DC Universe. Tieri manages to avoid that tired old plot. I also liked Sportsmaster, that is a lame but cool gimick he is got. I wish he appeared more often. The flashbacks back to Wildcat's past were really cool and I liked the opening one where the flashback is paraleling the modern scene and the panels are right next to each other. That was a nice touch.

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