Sunday, June 24, 2007

Too Much Cheeze Whiz

All-New Atom #12 Written by Gail Simone
Art by Mike Norton

Ugh...this book is always enjoyable. But for the first time I think I was just bored with this issue. Nothing seemed to happen, it was all set up for the search for Ray Palmer arc and I think I was looking forward to that so much I expected the search to start with this issue but it really didn't. We get som cryptic messages from that funny Ivy Town cab drivers. Apparently, Ivy Town is now advertising itself as a weird town which is just hilarious. Also, some old Atom Villains I am not familiar with show up. I will have to look them up (and unlike most bloggers, I actually like when I have to look something up from a comic. It's fun! People should enjoy their hobby more. End of Rant). But it still felt like this was all set up and set up is good but I just felt this was boring set up. Not much else to say. It is still a great book though, don't get me wrong. Oh and Head passing out from eating too much Cheese Whiz was awesome!

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