Sunday, June 17, 2007

STAR Labs: Your Friendly Neighborhood Research Facility

Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #15
Written by J. Torres
Art by Freddie Williams II

This was a great little fill-in issue of Blue Beetle where Jaime visits Star Labs in Austin and runs into Superman and Livewire. It was a really nice meeting between the Blue Beetle and Superman. I liked that Torres avoided the standard two heroes meet and fight thing by having Blue Beetle fight Livewire instead. The art was beautiful and I wish Williams was the regular on this title because it is better than the other guy. Torres is a good writer and I look forward to his upcoming Wonder Girl Mini-Series. What those kids in the Beetle cave said was right, Star Labs really is the best place for a Metahuman to go to figure him or herself out. I mean now that I think of it they have never been portrayed in a negative light, not even once that I can think of. They are aways helpful.

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