Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Little Anti-Climactic

JSA Classified #22
Written by Walter Simonson
Art and cover by Simonson

I must say that even though Hawkman was a long time member of the JSA and will be again in the near future, this was the most un-JSA issue of JSA Classified. There was not even a mention of the Justice Society in this issue. I am not complaing; just making an observation. This was a decent issue. Nothing really to write home about. Hawkman of course defeats Blackfire in the end and re-unites with Hawkgirl in the end. Their re-uniting after a year of being apart was a little anti-climactic and not nearly as emotional as one would think. In fact, it wasn't emotional at all. Hawkgirl was a little mad that Hawkman did not let her know why he hadn't returned to earth yet. I guess I can understand her point but I mean come on...he can't just send her a letter he was across the freaking galaxy for gods sake.

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