Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Of A Story From The Past

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #47
Written by Kurt Busiek
Art by Phil Winslade and Butch Guice

The art really distracted me from the story this issue. There was some strange coloring and I think there was just too much going on in each frame. It was annoying. The story was confusing and I think the art made it a lot more confusing. I liked the ending though and I hope this story ties into what happened to the Old Aquaman because if it doesn't it was just a big waste of space. I like King Shark as a character though and it was cool to see the Old Aquaman when he was king. It just wasn't exciting enough or even interesting enough of an issue for me to reccomend it to anyone. Maybe it is a good thing that Busiek is leaving this title. His run started out very strong but the last few issues haven't really been up to par. Albeit, I look forward to next issue where the new Aquaman faces the Fisherman.

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