Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aquaman's First Meeting With King Shark

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #46
Written by Kurt Busiek and Karl Kesel
Art by Phil Winslade and Butch Guice

This issue tells the tale of the Classic Aquaman's first meeting with King Shark. This issue is also a hell of a lot better than the boring last issue. While I like the new Aquaman, this issue really made me miss Orin a lot as the flashback shows how great of an Aquaman Orin was. Maybe he should be king of Atlantis again? (And yes I know Atlantis no longer exists as a nation anymore) The fight between Aquaman (the original one) and King Shark was good and well-written. The mystery is also pretty interesting. I love the girl with the jellyfish-like stinging hair. That was cool. The only problem I can see with this issue was the fact it really doesn't get us closer to the mystery of the new Aquaman or why Orin is now the Dweller of the Depths. I think Busiek should concentrate on answering those questions instead of writing flashbacks, but that is just my opinion. Definitely a good issue though.

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