Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Split in Two

Batman #653
Written by James Robinson
Art by Don Kramer and Michael Bair
Cover by Simone Bianchi

Over at the comic bloc message boards, this issue has been put under a lot of scrutiny. Some people seem to think Harvey becoming Two-Face again is a step backward for the character. I am all for change in comics and character development, but let's face it, Harvey had to become Two-Face again. End of Story. He is an iconic villain and Harvey could never go straight again after being Two-Face. That being said, I enjoyed this issue. They really showed well how insane Harvey Dent truly is. Talking to himself and then scarring his own face. I loved how Two-Face slowly convinced Harvey to go back to being Two-Face throughout the issue. It was like you could feel the evil slowly take over Harvey's mind. Now that is good writing. The only minor problem had with this issue was isn't Harvey's hair black, not light brown as shown here. Weird. Well,anyway, it's been fun Harvey, but I am glad Two-Face is back.


Scipio said...

Harvey Dent's hair was only portrayed as black and white in BTAS, to simply his color scheme.

Historically, Harvey's hair is brown, constrasted with black on the scarred side of his face.

DCUBoy said...

Really? I could have sworn his hair was black in The Long Halloween. Oh well my bad.