Saturday, June 17, 2006

One...Two...No Three Nightwings

Nightwing #121
Written by Bruce Jones
Art by Paco Diaz and Bit
Cover by Jock

God that monster is so gross. He eats people and than they come out of his ass in these bubbles. Weird. Bruce Jones has a demented imagination haha. But yes, unlike every other blogger on the net, I liked this issue. I think I just like cheyenne. I thought her female Nightwing costume was just awesome. They should keep her around, I would love it. Even though I liked it I still don't think Bruce Jones should be on this book. Maybe just because I heard Geoff Johns might come onboard Nightwing and he is my favorite writer. So put Johns on instead! I also think Nightwing should go back to working in Bludhaven. I feel like he would never abandon it, especially at a time where they really need him. And trust me, Dick would never think of not saving Jason's life, that is totally out of character. So yeah, Cheyenne was cool; the rest of the issue was blah.

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