Friday, March 31, 2006

Can't Wait For Mark Verheiden

Superman/Batman #24
Written by Jeph Loeb
Art and cover by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines

I have not been reading the last few issues of this series for a few reasons. First off, they are incredibly late and while I understand that Jeph's son died so that has got to be hard but still, it's his job. Unless of course it's the artist. Second, this series has become trash. Ever since the Supergirl Arc about ten issues ago it has only been about Batman and Superman traveling to crazy alternate worlds and just garbage. I guess it would be okay if the writing is good, but its terrible and hokey. And why does Jeph Loeb insist on having Bizarro talk like that ALL THE TIME! It is extremely confusing to read. As you can tell, I really have a low opinion of Loeb and have not liked much he has written since Hush. He has no respect for Cassandra Cain, one of my all-time favorite characters (he deliberately left her out of Hush and had Supergirl meet a fake Barabara Gordon Batgirl in this title instead of Cassie), and much like Alex Ross, he mind seems to be stuck in the silver age. And well, the silver age sucked. Period. Maybe it is because I was born in the eighties and therefore missed it but still, I have read the back issues. It sucked. I just think Jeph has decided to write about these fantastical alternate versions of characters because he just can't write any real characters anymore. The only part that I liked in this book was when we see all the other Supergirls. This worries me though, as the Linda Danvers Supergirl is shown and I really do not want her in Jeph Loeb's hands. I hope to god he does not retcon her out of existence or something so he could make his Supergirl the only one. This is the only reason I will be picking up #25, I am worried about Linda. When Mark Verheiden starts his run in a few months I will be jumping for joy.

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