Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Chimp In A Hospital Gown

Shadowpact #14
Written by Bill Willingham
Art and Cover by Tom Derenick

Hey note to Bill Willingham-Saying Chicago is worse than a hell is a low blow, a real low blow...anyways this was another great issue of Shadowpact. Blue Devil goes on a leave of absense and admits to the world that he made his deal with the devil out of selfishness so that no one will want to become like him and start making deals with the devil. It is interesting that in a world like this, there could ever be atheists. But Mr. Terrific is one...oh well. Anyways, I am happy to see Zauriel on the team now and I hope he stays on a more permanent basis. Having a Devil and an Angel on the same team would be a lot of fun. Detective Chimp at the hospital made me smile. How cute did he look in that hospital gown? Too cute. And you know that the way those doctors were acting is exactly how they would act in real life...taking pictures with the monkey and everything.

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