Friday, May 11, 2007

Saving The Terrible Trio

Detective Comics #832
Written by Royal McGraw
Art by Andy Clarke

Well, Paul Dini is always to be missed on this title. But this fill-in issue was of quite the high quality. I don't know anything about he terrible trio (That means I will be going to Wikipedia soon) but they are pretty strange and fascinating villains. The ending of this was great because we haven't seen that villain in a long time. He was someone I was expecting to be a major player in the Batman corner of the DCU in the last year but for some reason, he hasn't showed up till now. There were some pretty gross-out moments like with the vultures and the Shark's gross amount of teeth and that made the issue even the more better. I must say, it's been a year, and I am really glad that James Gordon is back as Commissioner. The interaction between him and Batman is priceless.

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