Monday, April 23, 2007

Green Lantern Corps 9 - 11

Green Lantern Corps #9
Written by Keith Champagne
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins

Ya I am pretty much at a loss on what happened in this issue. You know, could it hurt to recap what happened in the previous issue because I barely remember and now I have no idea what was going on in this issue. I think the butterfly girl is bad now, maybe? This was just confusing. Sad really, I remember liking this arc before. This issue just really needed that recap and the way the Dominator was defeated seemed very very very anti-climactic.

Green Lantern Corps #10

Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason and Rodney Ramos

The art in this issue was beautiful but I can't help but feel this series is much better if read as a trade. There should at least be an explanation on the first page as to what the Green Lantern Corps is for newbies. I am far from a newbie yet this book confuses even me sometime. Don't get me wrong though, I did enjoy this issue and all the banter between Lanterns. The Corps seems to have trouble within and I can't help but wonder what exactly is going on with Mogo.

Green Lantern Corps #11
Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins

While there still is no recap in this series, this was a really good issue. A lot of stuff is happening that is all leading toward something pretty explosive (the sinestro corps). The Guardian know some kind of crazy prophecy is coming true and Natu and her new partner (whose relationship is a lot of fun to watch) face the Children of the White Lobe. I wonder if these are new characters because they are really cool villains, really creepy. The end was pretty shocking and it is obvious Guy is going to be framed for the murders. And I still wonder why Mogo has seemingly gone rogue. Probably possessed by something.