Monday, January 22, 2007

JSA Classified 20 and 21

JSA Classified #20
Written by Scott Beatty
Art by Rags Morales and Michael Bair

This issue was really gross and gory, but ultimately very cool. It really shows how far people will go to be beautiful in our culture and how crazy it would be if we were a culture plus metahumans. I hope Endless Winter comes back someday because she is a compelling villain and this was a really great story. Oh and as always, Rags Morales's art is amazing.

JSA Classified #21
Written by Walter Simonson
Art and cover by Simonson

Well, the art is kind of annoying in this story and I never got excited about anything having to do with the Rann-Thanagar War, but just like the last issue of Hawkgirl, this was pretty good surprisingly. So it looks like Hawkman has been on Rann for over a year now and the war is still kinda going on. Blackfire is still a bitch too lol. I wonder how she ends up getting a hold of his wings. It was cool to see the Absorbascon, makes you wonder why Hawkman does not use that more often. I also look forward to seeing his reuniting with Hawkgirl and I wonder how Hawkgirl is going to stay solo after he returns to earth. Or will she?

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