Saturday, November 25, 2006

Scarabs= Extra Terrestrial Technology

Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #9
Written by Keith Giffen and John Rogers
Art and Cover by Duncan Rouleau

This was another fun issue of Blue Beetle and the art wasn't too bad. I guess I am not one for cartoony art and usually this book has way too much cartoony art, but Duncan does a decent job here. This series never lets me down, it always has at least one fun part to it and this issue was all fun. The virtual "Beetle Cave" is a really fun and cool idea. Although, it does seem like a heck of a lot of people know that Jaime Reyes is the Blue Beetle. I guess it isn't too bad though, I mean most people who know his ID seem trustworth. Brenda and Paco are great characters and I am surprised how fast the writers of this series have managed to develop a solid family of supporting characters around Blue Beetle. The idea of the scarab being alien in origin didn't surprised me because it has been rumored for so long, but it still doesn't quite explain why the Jaime Blue Beetle looks so different from the Dan Garret Bluee Beetle. I am itching to know the answer to that question. I look forward to the next storyline where Brenda and the Blue Beetle go to the worlds of the New Gods.

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