Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There's A New Beetle In Town

Blue Beetle (Volume Six) #1
Written by Keith Giffen and John Rogers
Art and Cover by Cully Hamner

It has been about 15 or so years since a Blue Beetle has had its own series and I think it is about time. The Blue Beetle, whether it be Dan Garret, Ted Kord, or now Jaime Reyes, is always an interesting character and visually appealing (at least to me). Ted Kord's death last year did not piss me off like it did some people and I think that it was worth it because his death brought about one of the greatest storylines DC has ever come up with. This first issue left me with a lot of questions though. When does this take place, they jumped backwards and forewards so much it got a little confusing. Is he fighting Guy Gardener one year later or right after Infinite Crisis? I am not sure. I guess maybe we will know in the next issues. Why is the suit so different from when Dan Garret had the scarab? And why do the Superheroes apparently hate Jaime? These questions are good I guess because they leave me craving for more. I also think people looking for Bwa-ha-ha and were upset when Giffen said this would not be a bwa-ha-ha type series should still give this series a try. There are some funny moments in it and it is almost what you would call a dramedy. Me not being Spanish, I did find the jokes hard to get as I really don't know what the insults that Jaime's friend kept spitting out meant. All in all, I think this was a good read. And the new Blue Beetle suit is just,well, sweet!

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