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OYL Reviews

Well it's official. The DC Universe had finally moved one year later in time. According to the great Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe, this brings the DCU to the current year of 2006. And I cannot be more excited for DC Books that are coming out in 2006! I mean ever since Identity Crisis DC has been hitting it out of the ballpark. Now onto the reviews
Warning: Reviews Contain Some Spoilers

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40
Written by Kurt Busiek

Art and Cover by Butch Guise
This volume of Aquaman (Volume Six if your counting) hasn't been good since Will Pfiefer left the title. Not that John Arcurdi's run was bad, it just was mediocre. It always seemed like John could've done so much more with the characters than he did. (He should have developed the New Aquagirl's character more.) So I think this change of direction is needed. One thing I have noticed is that this new Aquaman is very similar to the Earth-2 Aquaman in that his scientist father created his powers. I know that Kurt has mentioned the earth-2 Aquaman in interviews so I wonder if this was intentional. Is this somehow related to Infinite Crisis? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the octopus guy seems to be the Arthur Curry/Orin we know and love somehow transformed, as he does have a water hand (How many people do you know have a hand made out of water) and seems to remember the original Aquaman's life. This OYL mystery is very intriguing and this issue definitely makes me want to pick up the next issue. It leaves us with a lot of questions.

Detective Comics #817
Written By James Robinson
Art By Leonard Kirk and Andy Clarke
Cover By Simone Bianchi

As you will certainly learn after a while, Batman is by far my favorite comic book character and was the reason I got into comics in the first place so this issue reads like a wet dream to me. Some people are upset that this returns Batman to his normal status quo and negates the changes that has happened in Gotham in the last few years. I understand why they think that but I think that this is still great. James Gordon is commisioner, Batman and the cops get along, and Robin is once again working with Batman. (Althou
gh with a costume that I have to get used to) Do not get me wrong, I love War Crimes, I thought it was a great crossover but this is how the best batman tales are told. There is something almost Batman: The Animated Series like about this issue. I don't know, it just made me smile. But just like Sword of Atlantis, it leaves us with a lot of questions. Why was Batman missing from Gotham for a year, why is Harvey Dent a vigilante, and how did Bullock and Gordon become cops again. I can not wait to find out the answers to these questions.

Outsiders (Volume 3) #34
Written By Judd Winick
Art By Matthew Clark and Art Thibert
Cover by Daniel Acuna

This is the outsiders one year later and they certainly have changed. Thunder and Grace are still on the team, Nightwing has returned, and they are now joined by Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Metamorpho. I like the way this book has been paying homage to the old outsiders lately as when it began it seemed like Judd thought he was writing a Titans book. The name of this team is the outsiders and therefore the outsiders history should be reflected here. I think that the new line-up only has one flaw, Metamorpho. I am sorry Metamorpho fans but the character has never interested me. He is married to the dumbest girl on the planet and his love for her is something i will never understand. (Yes, I think that Sapphire Stagg should end up dead in a refrigerator.) Shift was just so much more interesting as a character and I am worried something has happened to him in Infinite Crisis. Katana I always though should be on the team and provides a much needed link to the outsiders past. Thunder's new costume is great, and loads better than her old one. I wonder how the new Captain Boomerang ended up on the team? He has lots of potential though. I also am worried about what happened to Arsenal as it doesn't seem to me that he is likely to have quit the outsiders as he himself created this version of the team. The story is also really good and is adressing problems in Africa which is something that needs to be adressed more in comics and real life. The art though was a bit strange, when we first see Nightwing his face makes him look like an orangatang. All in all though, I found myself really enjoying this issue.

P.S: I still miss Indigo though):

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