Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another reason why Saphire Stagg sucks

JSA Classified #10
Written by Stuart Moore
Art and Cover by Paul Gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti

When I first read the solicitation for this issue, I was confused. I mean why did this book jump one year later? I always thought that this was a title that was used to tell untold JSA stories from all over theirlong history. Apparently, DC decided to have this book make the jump so oh well. I really do not know much about the character of Vandal Savage other than what I've read on the wonderful Chronology of the DC Universe site and his appearence in the Flash a few months ago (oh and that he's immortal) I find his character very intriguing though after reading this issue. He has kind of a Forrest Gump quality to him in that he has witnessed like every major event in history. Unlike Forrest Gump though, he is a total asshole. I loved the scene between him and Scandal and I was glad that she realized what her dad's real motives were. It made her seem cooler than the naieve daughters that we usually see in comics (Aka Saphire Stagg!). The JSA does not make an appearence in this book outside of like one panel featuring Alan Scott so do not pick up this book if you are just looking for a JSA fix, this is really a Vandal Savage story.

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